At last, dancehall raga mafin Yung Mulo has resurfaced!

The self-styled Badman Gadget has made a musical come back in the industry with a new song titled Wulira Baano. A song he hopes to resurrect his faded music career.


The song is a replica to singer Fille Mutoni’s Sabula hit and Bebe Cool’s Up and Whine. Everything sounds the same but only that the lyrics differ.

In his song he tries to point out saying the public always wants one to first make wrongs then they yap. Then he goes on to added that they wait for one to pass on and they pretend to love you more.

Well, although the beats may make one get into the groove mood but sincerely speaking the lyrics are as week as spaghetti when put in water.

Anyway not bad for a musical comeback to a singer like Yung Mulo. Cong’s and well be back from your hide out .

The only surviving civilian Afande

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