Team No Sleep’s (TNS) singer Queen of the area Sheebah Karungi aka swagga maama seems to definitely be enjoying every bit of love expressed to her , as she has proven with her latest posts on social media.

The musician has apparently for the past weeks been getting applauded by her followers and fans for her hard work and inspiring of youths but somehow seemed not to be all that much moved.

But yesterday, she was clearly swept of her feet as her blood brother a one Isma took a tattoo her name and date of birth.

This saw the Mummy Yo hit star and the multi award winning musician pour out her heartfelt love and joy while thanking her brother for doing something she had asked for long to strengthen their blood bonding.

“OMFG! Look At My Brother’s First Tattoo!!
We’ve Always Talked About Getting Similar Bonding Tattoos But He Always Chickened Out.
Am So SHOOK ! You Are The Best Brother Ever!
You Are Simply Amazing!
God Surely Knew I Will Need Me A Brother Like You!!
You Have Played The Biggest Part In My Healing Process!!
I Love You ! And Thank God For You Every Day.
You Are My Rock Isma.
And Just like this tattoo… We will always have each other.
Now let’s exchange some ideas for our bonding tattoo!!”,

Sheebah wrote on social media.

[media-credit name=”Sheebah Karungi” align=”aligncenter” width=”1024″][/media-credit]

It did not take long as her numerous Sheebaholic fans and followers started complimenting on the tattoo. With many praising her in the comment section with others vowing to take the same tattoos in her name while others to do the same in strengthening their family brotherhood relationships.

And its should be remembered that this is not the first time someone inking Sheebah’s tattoos name on their skin, as early this year an unidentified female Sheebaholic took a bigger and bold tattoo on her back and displayed it all over social media showing her undying love for Queen Karma.

Keep on inspiring Swagga Mama and the hard work

Here is what she posted;

The only surviving civilian Afande

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