Having called it quits with her former manager Bushingtone who also doubled as boyfriend, singer Lydia Jazmine seems to be unstoppable.

In less than a month , the singer now has two audios and Ojjakunzitta video. The latest audio that was released yesterday is titled Hit and Run which is a love song too.

At the introduction of her song she vows that if she needs him, she can’t let him go.

In the song she talks about loving her man every time if he’s no go hit and run, and pledges to stick to his side if he won’t break her heart again.

The song seems to be a direct message to Bushingtone as the reason to why the two part ways and the singer seems not to be no longer interested as she let go.

The title Hit and Run most of the times doesn’t need much explanations to anyone as it automatically rings a bell in everyone’s mind and hope you know what’s app. Albeit all that the singer is determined to keep going on.

However, the songs are coming in at a fast rate which seems to be a backup plan for the singer since she was denied access to her old YouTube channel and is using the chance to hit back at Bushingtone.

Here is the song;

The only surviving civilian Afande

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