Over the weekend while in Boston, singer Winnie Nwagi staged a fired up performance that got Ugandan out goers flex after the show.

The Fire dancer singer who was clad in a black sliver see-through attire treated her Ugandan fans in diaspora to an a electric dance soaked night that got revealers scream on top of their voices and joining her on stage in dance battles.

                                                                       Singer Winnie Nwagi

Outside the venue, some party animals were seen exchanging blows, pound for pound with the cause said to have escalated from Swangz Avenues diva from inside the partying hotel.

Although the cause wasn’t clearly stated but what the outside onlookers got a glimpse of was one of the secret admirers of Nwagi wanted to crush his counterpart thus the fight that left one nursing injuries and the other sped off.

                                                    Singer Winnie Nwagi

To Nwagi, thanks for the great performance that will keep Boston revealers booking you on and cause more fights all in the name of your powerful booty.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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