Singer Irene Ntale seems have to learnt one or two lessons from fellow singer Lydia Jazmine.

That is let go of the past and get a new social media account, period!

The script of their story is almost the same. Both musicians part company with their former bosses and were denied access to some of their social media platforms.

                                      Singer Irene Ntale when she was still at Swangz

Ntale’s incidence arose fast but she had no quick thinking and solution to it. Then Jazmine faced the same issue but she brought an immediate antidote to what seemed to be a very huge task for Ntale to accomplish which had taken her almost a year. And yet the Hit and Run singer it just took her one or two days.

Straightforward to the point, towards holding her maiden concert as a sole artist dubbed “Ntaleunchained”, that extremely sold out singer Irene Ntale came out loud and cried foul of her old management (Swangz Avenue) of denying her access to her Facebook account that had over 373k followers in which many thought it was a way of attracting sympathy from fans to attend her show.

The Gukuba singer then borrowed a leaf from Jazmine’s acts and also took giant and bold steps and opened up a new Facebook account in order to cease crying for the already split milk.

“To my support system my amazing lovely fans, this is our new Facebook home. We are growing really so fast. Thank you so much!! Cheers to new beginnings. Nothing and no one can stop what God has started in your life”,

Ntale expressed her joy after successfully opening a new Facebook account.

[/media-credit]                                 Irene Ntale paying tribute to fallen star Mowzey Radio. (Credits: nibStudios)

Let’s hope no more female musician will ever come out again and cry over denial a social media platform once denied access to it as the antidote started off with Lydia however much followers you have on your old accounts.

Hope the lesson is well learnt and understood.

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