Bebe Cool Performs at the UG dance party. Credit: © MBU | JOHN BATANUDDE

Most of singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool‘s fans don’t know the reason behind his energetic and nonstop jumping on stage during his concerts.

Some suspect the singer of using known substances that fuel his energetic performance. But hell No.

Paying Back: Bebe Cool led other musicians in the 2015 ‘Tubonga Naawe’ project, in support of President Museveni.

The Katono singer, whose Golden Heart Concert is scheduled for tomorrow at Kololo Airstrip in a dome revealed that the energy and electric performances he stages are not inspired by drugs but rather physical exercise and keeping his body in shape.

Bebe noted that he runs twice a week in a distance of about 200Km and hits the gym to make sure that his body is in fine shape , something he thinks that no artists can beat him on that.

                                                                            Bebe Cool.

“I run a distance of about 200 Km two days in a week. And after that I hit the gym”,

he said.

” The reason behind my electrifying performances is that continued work out and not drugs like those other artistes”,

he added.

He furthermore noted that he doesn’t use a substance called shake shake that is always bought in supermarkets as other artists to build his body but rather noted that’s its good feeding.

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