Since the video clip of Ugandan but UK based singer Divine B dropped while dancing close to singer Ykee Benda at Mpaka Records, many started suspecting something fishy between the two.

But the Mpaka Records CEO has rubbished everything that has been going on around social media and asserted that him and Divine B are only friends and are not hitting on each other as most think.



                                                                       Singer Ykee Benda                                                                                    ” We are just friends. In fact we have been family friends for long and there is no love relationship between us at all”, Ykee Benda assured the public and secret admirers.

However, its remembered that while in UK the Farmer star posted pics of him with Divine B in bed while snap charting with gorgeous diva something that sparked numerous unanswered questions to fans.

And , the video clip that was dropped of recent furthermore confirmed that the two might have a chemistry going on.

Here is the Video Clip

The only surviving civilian Afande

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