Whenever the self-proclaimed The King Herself Cindy Sanyu is lined up for a gig, fans throng out in large numbers for the party expecting the scintillating best out of her.

And indeed she has never disappointed at any single moment as she turns out fully equipped with her dancers well organized and beautifully prepared for the show to fully give fans back for what they had paid for.

                                                 Singer Cindy Sanyu on stage

While always clad in their attracting and thigh power showoff attires, always fans are tempted to touch. And while in Mbarara last Saturday again it was no different story as fans almost nastily pulled her down off stage to get a feel of her body barely even before treating them to her ill and deadly dance strokes that always don’t leave men the same at all.

But the Onina singer managed to escape the trap as early possible as she pulled her self back off from the releavers who wanted her to join them on the ground level.

However, that didn’t deter her from doing what she does best as she the Mbarara fans believing that the diva got talent with many accepting that she’s the king of stage amongst the female musicians despite the lack of hit songs.

[/media-credit]                                                                             The King Herself Cindy Sanyu

Singer Cindy mastered the art of surviving in this industry without a mega hit song by actively engaging fans and keeping them glued on you by putting up an extraordinary stage performance at every show that has failed most artistes.

Hence when an artiste doesn’t have a hit song then most of the times its his/her end of the road as they usually don’t have plan B like the King herself.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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