Renowned female songstress Lydia Jazmine who had her birthday last week on Friday, finally posted some of the pictures showing how she and a few close friends celebrated her day.

Jazmine, who was also celebrated by most of her colleagues in the music industry via sending her messages but many didn’t turn up for the party.

The talented ‘You And Me’ hit fame star in celebrating her surprise birthday took to her social media platforms and uploaded stunning pictures of how her die-hards and close fellow musicians had a small party. Looking at the pictures, it was obvious that Jazmine had a really wonderful and an amazing birthday.

She shared pictures of her carrying her birthday cake with all smiles from one end to the other.

Lydia Jazmine accepting gifts from friends.

The singer took time to say a special thank you to her friends as she needed no soothsayer to tell her how much they loved and wished the best for her. She said;

Kale banamwe, njabakwasa!! Aww. This surprise was the first I have ever had. I always love to do charity on my birthday and go out and party hard with my people and am Good!! But hey, this extra was super special and I loved it!! I love you all, I had a blast. Love you all my loves.


Enjoying a light moment at the party

The diva has been so far one of the celebs dominating the media on both good and bad terms. As of recent she ousted her latest tune dubbed ‘Hit And Run’ which is said to have been directed to her former manager Bushingtone who was rumored to have been doubling the role of manager and boyfriend.

Luckily enough the party ended on a bright note as they all took a group photo while expressing immense love and happy friendship for one another during the night.

taking a group photo at the party

Jazmine rose to fame following her collabo with then Goodlyf crew member and superstar Rabadaba which was followed by another collabo with Geosteady titled ‘Same Way’ that left local music lovers with no help but to dance to the song.

Happy belated Birthday Lydia Jazmine!

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