The Nabwiso Film Production Company Limited was given a major boost in all their film shooting duties as they were handed with two brand new cameras.

The film production company that was founded by the celebrity couple of Mathew and Eleanor Nabwiso received two Black Magic Mini Pro 4.6k cameras from the chairman of Development Channel Mr Charles Lambert that will help grow their passion and duty.

                                                                                  The Nabwiso’s

“A big thank you to the chairman of Development Channel a civil society organization which is empathy driven to support the film industry in Africa. We were handed two Black Magic Mini Pro 4.6k cameras to film all kinds of content that will help change our society as we grow the film industry.
Kudos chairman Mr Charles Lambert Development Channel”,

Nabwiso films wrote .

The Nabwiso Film company limited aims at empowering, educating and entertaining communities through film, television shows, documentaries and commercials.

The celebrity couple of Mathew and Eleanor Nabwiso, who started the company with an aim of improving and changing lives in the community through film stand a more than eight(8) experience in the industry and have won numerous awards both locally and international wise.

The celebrity couple featured in a popular television series that was titled as The Hostel that used to air on NTV that saw them get well exposed among other series. And in the film category, last year they won the 2017 ‘Best Women’s Rights film’ award an honour in the London Eye International Film festival in their movie titled ‘Rain’.

And the latest development is that they were yet again nominated in the Africa Oscars Awards that will happen latter this year.

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