Wherever Uganda’s Comedy Store  comedienne Agnes Akite is, she must be swaggering and enjoying the applause she’s apparently receiving from her fans.

Akite, who is mostly known by those who follow comedy on regular a basis but known little by those who don’t, has been showered with praise for not acting like other known comedians who mostly have to use dirty lines in their scripts to impress people and beg money on stage as most of them do.

This comes after a video clip of hers went viral on social media where she dropped good and clean comedy lines that left many pleased with her talent and creativity that was likened to many who don’t have creativity but to only attack and pinpoint other people’s tribes.

Akite while acting a cat walk on stage

Something many said that it has now even created some sort of beef in the comedy industry with others accusing one another of witchcraft, reaching to a point of blaming their downfall on fellow comedians in steady of their poor skits they pull and the endless vulgar language used during their plays.

Even most reached to a point of thinking that she might be the next Anne Kansiime who will pull crowds with her sensible string of jokes and the comedy lovers get rid of the likes of Patrick ‘Salvador’ Idringi and Mc Mariachi who do a lot of copy and paste and unclean words that always leave people irritated despite putting smiles on their faces.

Akite cracks fans ribs after a joke on her personal life

And we bring you some of the comments that that had to be said about Akite’s video clip and we know she want to read them over and over again.

David Matovu , Quite organised and well prepped clean comedy lines , Aggy this approach will push you on top steady fast!!

Angela motherofboys, Awww  shes hilarious. I would pay and watch her crack my ribs.

Ssesimba Deogie, Sadly , shes paid peanuts for her creativity . With that said , we all start from somewhere . Who knew Anne would get a close competitor. This gyal is the real deal.

Meddie K Nuhu , Now this what they call comedy .Vaa ku Mariachi and Salvador who attack tribes and beg money on stage.

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The only surviving civilian Afande

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