Whoever is doing this has it all planned out and he or she must have a to-do list, ticking off each account they hack. After Judith Heard, Mona Faces, Anne Kansiime, lost their Instagram accounts to hackers, Zari Hassan has also lost her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Unlike Irene Ntale, and Lydia Jazmine whose Facebook and YouTube accounts were forcefully taken from them by their former managers respectively, many Ugandan celebrities, one after the other, are losing their social media platforms to hackers.

Judith Heard, Mona Faces, and Anne Kansiime’s Instagram accounts were hacked successively last week, and now Zari Hassan could have lost hers as well.

Irene Ntale and Anne Kansiime have already started afresh to collect new followers on their new accounts.

With over 4.2 million followers on Instagram and 194k likes on Facebook, Zari Hassan has is one of the most followed celebrities in East Africa. She uses her social media pages on a daily to share her personal pictures as well as endorsements, and other business deals. It however seems that Instagram is her biggest platform and now she might have lost it to a yet to be known hacker.

HACKED: How Zari’s Instagram handle look like now.

Her verified Facebook page has also been taken and the hacker posted pornographic content on her timeline.

Imagine losing all those followers. Well, Anne Kansiime and Irene Ntale already started a fresh journey to build another audience with new accounts. We cannot tell if Zari is ready to give up that easily.

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