Faded comedian Mc Kapale Kawuchi was one of the most celebrated comedians in Uganda, but of late he’s more characterized of picking up fights with fellow comedians rather than doing comedy.

And lately is that the comedian came out bare knuckles to attack his fellows as he threw jibes at renowned comedians that included Mc Mariachi, Salvador and the duo of Madrat and Chiko.

pulling off a comedy skit

Mc Kapale, whose tank of comedy skits ran dry sometime ago, attacked Salvador calling him a copy and paste comedian who goes to comedy shows while hooded in black jumpers and sits in dark corners to spot other comedian’s skits which he exports to Nigeria whenever he has shows out of Uganda and also does the same when  he returns.

“Salvador is a copy and paste comedian who can’t craft his own comedy skits. He always to gets to comedy shows late in the night while clad in hooded attires so that no one gets to know him well and he steals other comedians skits”, Kapale stated.

Salvador while entertaining revelers at show

He went on to say that Mc Mariachi is a witch and a backstabber who master mined his down fall and caused him to be fired by former Kampala city socialite Tito Tong accusing him of calling him a rebel.

As if that was not enough to express his bitterness, he also decided to take on the comedy due of Madrat and Chiko calling them clowns and not comedians and sent warnings to them that they should never brag about being among the top comedians in Uganda as they are still amateurs in industry.

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The only surviving civilian Afande

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