Uganda’s celebrated and self styled music Doctor Jose Chameleone has once again written his already bad name to music critic’s black books after he fought with his young brothers Pallaso and Weasel in Rwanda over the weekend.

The 3rd day of August 2018 saw the Trio brotherhood of Jose ChameleoneWeasle and Pallaso set off to Kigali- Rwanda to grace the official IWACU Album launch starring Rwanda’s celebrated musician Dj Pius and featuring the Mayanja Brothers.

                           Pallaso, Weasel returning home without Jose as they had gone together

Like the Baganda say that ‘ku mbaga tekubulako musiwuufu wa mpisa’ (at every good event, there is always that ill-mannered person in attendance), what started and was supposed to be a celebration ended in a chaotic mixed with rowdy scenes as drunk Jose Chamaleone started fighting his blood brothers Pallaso and weasel at the event.

How it happened;

As it is a norm in the music industry for young artists to curtain rise for the so called big artists, Pallaso hit the stage in Kigali first before his big brother Chameleone who was still busy sipping his drinks behind stage and all was going on well as Pallaso was already receiving massive crowds and hype from the revelers that felt like the heavens had opened up in Kigali.

A few minutes later drunk music Doctor Chameleone from nowhere appeared on stage and right away demanded that Pallaso should halt his performance so that he could perform a thing that the event organizers refused to take in since Pallaso had just started.

Furious Chameleone who wanted to show off his superiority and may be probably how the so called legends do it went straight to the servers and disconnected the whole system a thing that left no reason for his young brother to keep on stage as his performance ended prematurely. Pallaso got pissed and went back stage only to find weasel also quarreling why Chameleone had than that.

                                                               Pallaso’s Post comforting a fellow Brother Weasel

The organizers later gave in and Chameleone grabbed the mic with no sound and started off as they re-connected the system to allow him perform as away of controlling revelers from bring up chaos. After him performing he went to the car which was meant to take them to the hotel as the young brothers joined and another movie begun as he poured on them liquor and they began fighting.

The driver who had refused to stop the car under the orders of Chameleone was left with no option but to park as he (Chameleone) started spitting on him since he could not drive anymore safely. The rowdy scenes from the car attracted a quite number of Rwandan Kifesi and immediately Chameleone started splashing money to them as payments to beat up Pallaso & Weasel.

                           Pallaso Sending a strong message to the so called Legend

The Chaos was later controlled by the Rwandan mobile security officers who escorted them back to the hotel but Chameleone kept insisting and promising Pallaso that he will get the Kampala Kifesi to handle him Properly a thing that left Pallaso puzzled on why his elder brother would do such a thing.

                                              Ugandan Djs in 2016 sent a strong message to Chameleone

Well as the saying goes that “History Repeats its self”, this is not the first time Josce Chameleone’s name has been cited in the acts of Violence against his fellow artists and other people but a countless one even if we chose to forget about incidences like the Karamagi Saga, the secrets behind the mysterious Chameleone-Tanzania ‘jump’ incident, Sipapa-Chameleone Fights that even saw his wife Daniella Atim abandon her marital home & only talk about the ones that have happened in 2018 like Him Fighting Bukede’s Seguya at Kusasira’s Party, Fik Famaica at the Vigil of the Late Mowzey Radio, The Ubber Guy, Hitting a certain Dj over poor sound to mention but a few are all evident examples that the so called Legend is a hostile artist.

But the big question is, When will Jose Chameleone ever grow up?

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