Dembe FM presenter and events emcee Isaac Daniel Katende popularly known as Kasuku Kuku Wazabanga has been nominated to contend for the post of Vice President of Uganda Journalists Association (UJA) which will be held  on Friday.

The new Uganda Journalists Association was formed last year having split away from the Uganda Science Journalists Association (USJA) . And the association is an umbrella body that brings together all journalists  in Uganda under the motto “The pen is mightier than a sword” and before this week ends, the association will see new leaders take over or the old ones retain their seats.

Immediately after confirming his nomination, Kasuku expressed how he has much to do for the association as he looks to revive the association back to its feet and unite journalists as one and leave the issues of each one fighting for himself alone.

                        kasuku while stressing a point on set

” A few moments ago i was officially nominated to take part in the race of the new vice president in the Uganda Journalist Association which will go down this Friday. I have so much to do for this association but most importantly i have the desire that drives me towards the goal of reviving the association and bringing journalists closer to each other”, he begun .

“Everybody seems to be putting his house in order but we as journalists we seem to have failed on this. But, good thing is at least of late we have somehow come a bit together and with the new team which we hope to come in will put this issue to bed. And I have much trust in them all starting from the the contending president”, Kasuku added.

Meanwhile, Kasuku is most known for being a motor mouthed presenter who always has comments for what is good or bad that happens and will most times give what is always on his mind.

Come Friday, we at MBU we wish you all the best Kuku as you take on your competitor for the same post.

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