Once bitten, twice shy – but Anne Kansiime is not ready to wait for that second biting. The comedienne whose Instagram account was hacked into and taken away from her four days ago seems to have cracked the code that hackers use and she has some words of advice for us.

Losing any amount of social media followers for any celebrity, for whatever reason, is such a pain that cuts deep. It must be double the pain when you wake up and you cannot log into your account because someone else took control of it.

Hackers have overtime targeted social media accounts with those big numbers especially those owned by renown celebrities. A few victims of this in the Ugandan celebrity circle include Jose Chameleone, Maro, Mona Faces, Irene Ntale, Anne Kansiime, Zari Hassan, among others, and hackers always ask for money in order to return the accounts back to their rightful owners.

Not many Ugandan celebrities will pay that cash, not Anne Kansiime atleast. But how do these hackers gain control in the first place?

Anne Kansiime reveals that the hackers send you an email notifying you on how to go about the verification process. With many celebrities yearning for that blue tick, most quickly respond to these emails and click on the links sent as well as following all instructions given including logging out of your accounts for a while. And that is how everything is taken away from you.

Anne Kansiime urges that you block whoever comes at you with similar emails.

The Girl From Mparo already started building her audience and it looks like her Ninjas are right behind her back and she will have regathered her past following in no time. She already has over 5.7k followers in the four days her new Instagram account has been active.

Well, whoever could be thinking that she can be dragged down that road again might have to rethink their options. She is aware of the tricks used and you do not want to be left at the hands of her faithful ninjas if ever found.

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