The latest news in the field of entertainment indicates that singing duo, Capital Music Icons which consists of Opa Fambo and Mosh Mavoko, has hit a dead end as the two singers are said to have parted ways. MBU has learnt.

If you have been keen enough to follow up the Uganda entertainment industry in these last over three years, you must have seen the drastic rise of a fresh music duo dubbed Capital Music Icons. The group consisting of Mosh Mavoko and Opa Fambo rose to limelight following their hit tune titled ‘Baatya’ which gained massive airplay.

News reaching us now however is that the two have parted ways and the duo is no more.

Opa Fambo (with deadlocks), and Mosh Mavoko working the crowds.

The cause of the duo’s split is said to rotate around disrespect. It is believed that the friction between the two artistes started when Mosh Mavoko disrespected his partner Opa Fambo who, without second thoughts, decided to quit the group.

Our reliable sources revealed to us that the main cause of the breakup was a misunderstanding which involved conflicts over women.

Fambo was overheard stressing that Mosh’s habits of feasting on his babes had hit a notch and that he could not stand it anymore. Relying on information from our moles close to Capital Music, he (Opa Fambo) said that Mosh is a proud and lazy guy who does not want to work but rather spends most of his time flossing.

Capital Music Icons: Opa Fambo and Mosha Mavoko.

More revelation indicates that most of the music that the two have between them has all been through the hard work and efforts of Opa Fambo. He is said to have recorded over 40 songs which Mosh only comes to voice his verses to complete the duo factor before release.

Opa Fambo and Mosh Mavoko, have been under Roger Lubega’s Source Management. He is also the manager of Spice Diana. The duo however had other two managers, Juma and Sunday Music, who helped on the smooth rotation of their music on ground. They are said to have had a closer relationship with Mosh.

Whatever is happening to our favorite music groups is killing the industry!

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