One of East Africa’s most influential women, Wema Sepetu, has come out to reveal more about her silent struggle with infertility. Despite trying for long without achieving the desired results, she is willing to give as many shots as she can to experience the pride of a mother.

I have struggled so much. I don’t have the words. I have fasted several times and woken up dead in the night to keep vigil and pray.

Those were the touching words that Wema Sepetu used to describe her situation while appearing on an interview over four months ago. For many years, the Tanzanian actress has been silently battling infertility.

Wema Sepetu acting a pregnant woman’s role in one of her movies.

Wema Sepetu is Diamond Platnumz’s ex girlfriend and she has tried for many years to have a baby to call her own in vain. Earlier this year, she did get probably the best news of her life in many years when she learnt that she had finally conceived. Unfortunately, she never really went all the way as she had a miscarriage.

Any woman’s pride would be to see her baby, and failure to achieve that is sometimes shameful hence most suffer silently. That has been Wema’s story until recently when she decided to let her fans in on the sad news about her miserable life. She revealed the she is suffering from a strange disease that has prevented her from getting pregnant.

Let me be open today so that people can know this. I am suffering from a disease which causes my eggs to rapture and thus cannot be fertilized.

The disease she is suffering from is known as Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD). It is a hormonal disorder with a couple of symptoms including enlarged ovaries containing multiple small cysts that prevent the them from fertilizing.

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Wema has tried everything possible to heal this disease. She even traveled to India for specialized treatment. She was diagnosed and an urgent operation carried out to remove the cysts which would have caused Uterin cancer had she taken longer without the treatment.

Wema also revealed that she is now under treatment with her medication expected to heal her situation by next year. She says there is hope everything will be fine and she can pregnant again.

We wish her the very best!

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