For quite some reasons, singer Irene Namubiru Morel has been so silent in the music industry. And now she seems to have bounced back with a new tune sung in french titled “J’Y VAIS” which means I’m going.

The song was written by herself with the help of renowned song writer a one Yesse Oman Rafiki which looks like the public and her fans have accepted on its first time release which has also earned her a gig at tonight’s Comedy Store as she will act as the headlining artiste.

With the reception the song has so far received, she took to her social media and shared the lyrics that left most of her fans pleased and vowed to learn the song word-for-word in her comment section.

Irene Naaamubiru while performing

Relying on the lyrics posted on her social media page, the song not all that lyrically rich in love message as it’s full of pleading something that would have bored many if she had happened to sing it in direct english.

She starts by telling her baby how she has curfew at home and by two she must have reported. She goes on by pleading to him not to break her heart as she is in a rush to go back home as time is not on her side that she over repeatedly does.

The art of her singing in french a bit hides the fakeness of the song and we hope that will do her great magic to somehow bounce back in today’s competitive industry but it does not warrant that her a top seat with today’s vibrant artistes.


The only surviving civilian Afande

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