Many have been raising complaints why vocalist King Saha’s song ‘Biri Biri’ is so similar to the late Mowzey Radio hit song ‘Nera Nera’ . Due to much questions that came to our desk, we went on and carried out our research only to find out that by the time late Mowzey passed on, he had penned down the song.

That being a million dollar question answered for our readers, Biri Biri is undoubtedly a good song that when played there is no way one cannot sing along and dance to it.

Surely King Saha did justice to the song, but if one justice imagines if it was the late Mowzey himself behind the mic on that song, the world would just go crazy about it. But unfortunately it’s not the case with Saha as the song has not got that much hype as it deserved because of his vocal prowess being a bit lower than that of the late Mowzey.

With all that said , news popping in indicates that singer King Saha is set to fit in the late Mowzey Radio’s shoes so to revive the now defunct Goodlyfe crew. King Saha and Weasel are currently together in studio working on a song titled ‘Mpa Love’ that will soon be rocking your airwaves.

We hope you enjoy the new combination of King Saha and Weasel as you showed much love to the now extinguished Radio and Weasel.


The only surviving civilian Afande

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