Sylver Kyagulanyi

Renowned gospel singer and songwriter Sylver Kyagulanyi has embarked on a drive to sensitize Ugandan’s on copyright business so as their art work can be protected and later benefit from it.

This comes after over a period four months when  Kyagulanyi was among the over 700 lawyers who graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in legal practice from the Uganda Law Development Centre(LDC), making  him eligible to represent a client in court.

His graduation shocked many as only a handful of people knew about his enrollment in school as it was not in public domain that he was pursuing  a law course as it is with celebrities.

He has now decided to extend his acquired skills to the art industry as of late he is involved in the Arts Envoy Uganda 2018 that started on August 1st to 15th.

Sylver Kyagulanyi while sensitizing

While sensitizing his fellow artistes about the copyright law and how to make money from talent,.  Kyagulanyi went on to explain how it is important for someone to copyright his works as one’s copyright is protected until his/her death plus more 50 years after according to Section 13 of Uganda’s Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Acts.

Kyagulanyi furthermore taught the artistes about the procedures when someone violates an artistes copyright, as he quoted section 47 of  the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act, as he told them that the criminal can be taken to civil or criminal court as he stressed that the Ugandan law is clear and just people need to use it.

If someone violates your copyright, according to section 47 of The Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act, you can take them to civil or criminal court.

He also noted that Ugandans need more sensitization  about the copyright business and workshops  like the Arts Evony Uganda as they help this nation to achieve it.

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