Spice Diana

It seems like renowned female singer Spice Diana is not about to stop embarrassing her fans with her string of continuous stunts. The ‘Anti Kale’ singer took it a notch higher as she bragged of how her most cheapest car is only 60 million shillings.

I have four cars but the cheapest car among those costs 60 million shillings. So if your doubting i can take where i bought.

This sent many questioning how much she earns before she even went on to brag about other things that included shopping, birthday gifts plus others.

Spice Diana.

Spice bragged about how her birthday gift should at least be 10 videos that are not below 10 million shillings as her cheapest costs that amount.

For anyone to surprise me on a birthday one should at least shoot for me ten videos that are not below 10 million shillings.  Because that’s a reasonable surprise to an artiste of my standard

She went to saying that if someone wants to take her for shopping, on a holiday or something of any sort of like that, he or she should first see her manager Roger Lubega and make payments then proceed with the planned deals.

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