For over time singer Naira Ali has promised to be one of the best female musicians in Uganda. And probably a few knew what pisses her off. But yesterday she revealed that if anyone touches her sensitive body part you won’t survive a slap.

The ‘Tulo tulo’ singer had to even first turn her ascent to that of Nigerian’s before  she made the fierce renouncement when questioned about socialite Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White habits of throwing money and then he taps women’s butts.

Let it be the President or anyone who dare touches on sensitive body part, I swear a go slap a hell out of you, she stressed.

Credit: Naira Ali

She furthermore noted that she cannot honestly stand such an embarrassment neither let it be in public nor in private areas and that’s one of the worst habits she hates most. She added that on that she won’t care whether you have money or not.

I won’t care if you have money or not, but once you touche me inappropriate i straight away give you what you deserve, period!

Secondly she surprised many when she literally said that she does not even know who Bryan White is but later she reveled that she has heard about him over sometime but she hasn’t been so keen about his works and acts.

When she asked about the issue of loving money, she also never had to think twice as she quickly answered that she definitely does.

Naira Ali started started her music career way back in 2008 but broke out  in 2013 when she released her hit single titled Okikola Otya.

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