Uganda’s best singing trio of the Born To Conquer, commonly known as the  B2C have openly declared that they will be a no show at the Swangz Avenues 10 years celebrations of producing good music.

The boy group that comprises of Bobby Lash, Mr Lee and Julio made the announcement  while live on radio airwaves when they were triggered to mention their stand about their rivals event that is slated for a week earlier than theirs.

B2C Music Group whlile working the crowds

So, for those who were expecting to have a glimpse of your favorite trio performing at event you got to take a chill pill as you will have to wait for them on their biggest day since they shot to fame while staging their first ever concert.

The Muyenga based record label will stage their event on the 31st of this month at Lugogo Cricket Oval while the Andy Events managed group will have their’s in the first week of September 7th at Freedom City.

The two camps got into a bitter rivalry when Swangz Avenue bosses dishonored an agreement that two had reached upon.  Thus forcing B2C boss to call Swangz boss Julius Kyazze an evil man.

The bitter war arose when Kyazze of Swangz announced that the Jamaican reggae star Tarrus Riley will be performing at the celebrations as the main stage act escorted by a couple of celebrated Ugandan music stars that will include: Jose Chameleon, Bebe Cool, Sheebah, Vinka among others.

The trio have been topping charts with their songs  like: ‘Tokigeza’, ‘Gutamiza’, ‘Kapande’, ‘Ontangaza’ ,’Nyongera’ among others.

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