Feffe Bussi.

When Fik Fameica held a successful concert early this year at Sky Beach and Freedom City, many said he hurried to stage a show. Now, what we have learnt is that Rapper FeFfe Busi is in preparations to follow his footsteps.

The ‘Who is Who’ hit star, who breathed life again in the game of rapper music that had died a natural cause in the music fraterninty, noted that come December 25th, he will be staging his debut concert. And this will be after his tours in Europe that are to be around October and November.

I will have a concert towards the end of this year. And that will be on 25th December on my birthday,

Fefffe Busi stressed.

Credit: Feffe Bussi performs

However, we confirmed the date but the venues where he will probably hold his show still remain only known by him and his management team. As he added that that’s the day he will be celebrating his birthday.

We will let you know about the venue where i will be staging my concert when we come up with the final decision from me and my management team,

He added.

In our view we cannot blame the guy  for using his moment while at his at the peak of his game to shine.The rapper has so far dominated the rapper game and took a couple of the “so” rappers to school as each one tried and looked for away to fire back at him. The also attracted attention from old rappers like GNL Zamba, Babaluku among others as it awoke rapper music from a deep slumber.

The rapper went on and released another tune titled ‘IDD Amin Dada’ that sent the late President of Uganda’s son fuming as he teased Feffe Bussi to leave his family alone.

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