Word on street has it that singer Allan Ampeire, better known by stage name as Allan Toniks can no longer last in bars and night clubs up to 1 am as is rumored to be under curfew.

The guitarist,  producer and songwriter who was always known for spending his nights in Kampala’s night hung out spots is reportedly said to be under curfew from his rumored second wife who has put him under tight rules of late.

The ‘Romance’ singer who is signed to Gifted Music Group (GMG) is also said to be in a close relationship with a yet an unidentified woman who is based in Europe who is said to have got married to.

The ‘Beera Nange’ hit star had started to be written off by most critics but he made a comeback when he released his latest single ‘Romance’ that has seen him headlined for some gigs in Kampala.

The GMG signed singer is said to be a happy man under the label. Although singer Latinum sometime back criticized the label for not on his short termed stay in the limelight.

We wish good luck Toniks!

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