With just a few days left to his retirement concert, Kadongo Kamu singer Abdul Mulaasi aka Digital Voice Ladies man has started to pack his musical tools by selling off his stage name to whoever willing to buy.

The ‘Swimming Pool’ hit star reached the decision following the arrest of a one Michael Tumwesigye by police on grounds of stealing two million shillings from a business woman and later claimed to a musician from Abdul Mulaasi crew.

This left Abdul Mulaasi bitter and pissed as he stressed that people like Tumwesigye who claim to be musicians are some of the reasons why he has decided to bow out of the showbiz industry.

He furthermore vowed to also put Tumwesigye behind bars for having claimed to be part of his music camp yet its not even true as he stressed that he has never ever seen him or had a chip-chart with the guy.

These are the people that have somehow forced me to call it quits out of this showbiz industry.  They are always there only to spoil our names that we have spent periods while building them,

Abdul Mulaasi stressed.

In fact I even don’t have any relationship with that guy. And I promise when I get him I will also imprison him and pay for the damages caused.

Abdul Mulaasi is set to hold his goodbye concert come September as he will be officially calling it an end to his showbiz career.

However, we have not yet at what price is he selling off his name but when we confirm we will keep you posted.

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