Faded dance hall singer Yung Mulo has been accused of neglecting his child of about 12-months old by a yet an unidentified woman.

She yesterday appeared before a television set while looking totally stressed of taking care of Yung Mulo’s baby, asking the ‘Tebakusobola’ singer to come to her rescue and look after his own blood.

Yung Mulo geting cozy with a bae

Am asking Yung Mulo to come and take care of his child. And if he denies we can even go for a DNA and take tests to confirm,

She begun.

She added that even her mother is fade up and tired of looking after his baby as she is struggling even to take care of her self and when you add on a baby it becomes more worse as am a woman.

My mom is fade up and tired of  babysitting your child. And Yung Mulo there is nothing i want from you anymore but to only come and take of your baby.

The woman further noted that if he does not reply with a positive response as soon as possible the matters will be forwarded to higher authorities that handle matters on family neglect.

Yung Mulo is said to have impregnated the woman before he departed for South Africa some time back and singer has been silent in the showbiz industry till of recent when he released his latest single titled ‘Wulira Bano’.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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