Ugandan rapper Gravity Omutujju some time back released the video visuals of his latest single titled ‘Kimanazino’. And today we bring you the audio review to his song. 

In his latest song, Gravity took his fans to the Queens land. He started off his song with some English rap that has left many in shock.

Not because of broken English. No, but the way he flows is absolutely amateurish as words cannot be clearly understood and heard .

Straightaway to the song, Gravity advises men to always ask women for their account numbers, shoe size and their favorite cologne as opposed to questions like how are you all the time. 

Here Gravity  goes on to advise men to give women money all the time as to the reason why he named the song ‘Kimanazino’.

Away from that, Gravity is set to hold his concert come September dubbed “Embuzi zakutude” at Cricket Oval Lugogo.


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