Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze has retaliated angrily to singer Jose Chameleon’s letter that he wrote today morning while pleading to President Museveni to forgive Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

In the letter  that trended on social media, Chameleon wrote asking President Museveni as a father to forgive Bobi Wine for his misdeeds.

Basing on that statement, a bitter Nambooze questioned the Valu Valu singer to explain to her or to the nation which offence or crime Bobi Wine had committed for which he was seeking for presidents mercy or forgiveness?

She went on and reminded Chameleon of an artist who allegedly set his visitor ablaze and noted that the singer is not even in prison right now most probably because of the mercy of president. But Kyagulanyi killed nobody, he was kidnapped from a hotel in Arua and his whereabouts remained unknown till late Thursday evening when he was remanded at Makindey barracks.

Singer Chameleone

Nambooze has now tasked Chameleon to write another letter to president to leave Ugandans especially those belonging to his generation to enjoy their God given rights instead of asking for pardon for people who have been tortured with no clear offence.

The Mukono MP further noted that she will be waiting for a better letter from Chameleon to Mr. Museveni asking him to leave his grandchildren to be and do not criminalize your colleague and sanitalize dictatorship by pretending that your concerned about their fate.    

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