Soft spoken singer Chris Evans Kaweesi has faced a baptism of fire from his followers after an open letter he wrote to Bebe Cool asking him to write to president to forgive Hon. Bobi Wine.

Kaweesi wrote asking Bebe Cool to write to president to be kind to Kyadondo East MP since he is just a phone call away from him unlike other artistes.

However, his letter has instead brought him more abuses rather than his fans to rally behind him as others called him an empty tin.

According to some of the comments that ran in his comment section, many said that the harmers he sustained where very few and suggested that he deserved more than what he got.

Below are some of the comments from Kaweesi followers that have left him spanked.

Twinna  Ssejjusa  Pliz don’t bring immature people in big issues . They are beyond their level of understanding .

Sasha Kit This Chris Evans guy is a woman in a man’s body mumuleke…….msteeeeww u deserve to be spanke

Janet Karinaz Did someone hammer u again or u need to be harmmered again?…. Notunulira Engalaabi yomutwe.

Tarvan Arnold Senior Whoever hammered you made the wrong panel beating …they need to re-do the work.

Jordan M Stunner Mscheew mbu nawe oyina abaana no mukazi gasiya mbizi gwe

Mpiima Amir Ono Evans bweba PC pentium 1 with 5mbz of ram and a processor of 100 when it has a slight crack on its motherboard even the hard disk is 10mbz with windows XP professional 

Nkaye Adam This man-like thing called Chris Evans should step up out of these issues coz its like u know nothing at all about what’s happening.

Precious Molly Very stupid fool, Bobi Wine has not committed any crime so there is no reason why he has to forgiven . Are you really that stupid and shallow minded to believe that Bobi had guns, bullets and other firearms in his hotel room . Be a critical thinker not an empty in. 

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