Singer Chris Evans

Yesterday we reported how soft spoken musician Chris Evans Kaweesi was trolled by his social media followers.

Now, news reaching our desk, indicates that his Manager Mr Geoffrey Kayemba has also bashed the ‘Ndikusasulaki’ singer for the same reason.

For starters, Chris Evans wrote an open letter to singer Bebe Cool asking him to ask president Yoweri Museveni to forgive Kyadondon East MP, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine since he is just a call away to him unlike other artistes.

Chris Evans with Bobi back then

Evans made the post following a trend that is going on social media asking to free Bobi Wine who is charged with treason cases and under a worrying  state of life as he was brutally beaten beyond recognition. 

But his message just caused more harm than good on his side as Evans had to endure more abuses than being appreciated.

His manager Mr Kayemba also did not spare him as he hold him to never ever post such nonsensical staff on his social media wall again. 

Who told you to post such useless writings on your wall? This is stupidity . You should never ever again post such nonsense on your Facebook again.

Mr Geoffrey Kayemba told Evans.

He furthermore told him to always be careful while posting certain issue and know the timing when to post.

However, when the two part ways the we hope will be as simple as that. But will be keep you up to date if their relationship gets soar.

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