Hon Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s political status that has been on a rapid growth ever since he stepped at the gates of the parliament has currently turned to the worst as his death is now a realistic possibility.

Well the Political temperatures in Uganda have slowly risen towards the boiling point ever since the People Power team gained momentum. Their claim to fame being some candidates who have scrapped a few elective positions during this term of office. With a few wins which can’t effectively change the status quo, no one expects the government to be worried. Not true? Those in Power are as worried as hell and just like you, I wonder why? (Remember that 1983 classic by Dion and the Belmonts?)

The latest is the Arua Municipality bye-election, Honourable members of Parliament charged with treason right now stare death in the face. Forget the charge and court process, they have been tortured according to Gen. Muntu ‘to a point of Death’. The Pictures coming from the respective Hospitals where they are getting attention are so heart breaking. Rotten fingers, sliced ears and motionless bodies are what the pictures communicate. Just like you, I still ‘wonder why’.

Ghetto President Bobi Wine
Ghetto President Bobi Wine

The MP elect Hon. Kasiano Wadri, hasn’t even celebrated his victory, Hon. Gerald Karuhanga is languishing in a Gulu prison, Hon. Francis Zaake is fighting for his life and many others are in the same dilemma. None of these however captured our attention like Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine. Our attention to music note with standing, Bobi Wine has for a long time differentiated himself as a man with a conscience and whose plight for the common man is unmatched. His songs speak Faith, Hope & Freedom and his actions are there to back it up. In a short time since he took the Ghetto to Parliament against huge odds, he has assembled enough political muscle to be noticed by friends and foes alike. Some have even encouraged him to give a short at Uganda’s Top job a dream he acknowledges to harbor. In Uganda, this is sacrilegious especially if you show that you mean business. That’s not our concern right now.

We are asking a few questions to a few people whose actions we are concerned.

Was it really necessary to have a president drive through a crowd without prior warning? We are used to the closure and clearance of roads by his handlers 30 minutes before the President travels. Abnormal as it sounds we can afford to be delayed than a 40 plus vehicle motorcade going through a crowd at the usual breakneck speed. Why give a chance to a goon to throw a stone at the president. When everyone is angry we have no reason not to imagine that God himself threw the stone. Isn’t he a miracle God?

As the president’s vehicle’s glass is shattered, naturally bullets would fly. A miracle happened again and from that scene, a stray bullet hits someone almost 1 kilometre away in a vehicle of a top competitor. This narrative is questionable and Ochola and Team must rush to KK or Vj Jingo to get better lies and then come back to us.

Singer Bobi Wine

Incidents happen, Bobi Wine is hunted down and arrested but 2 days after his arrest, a gun miraculously appears somewhere else allegedly from his Hotel Room? This was a ‘Lord take me now’ moment. Who believes that with such evidence, anyone would even wait for a minute without Don Wanyama parading the pictures in the media? 

The Social Media age is here despite its suffocation with OTT but who believes that there was no video of the search and arrest process. The journalists were whisked off live TV Presentation and UCC is quiet about this. What surely befell this nation? What history are we writing?

Bobi Wine is known for his Music more than his Political stances and I would imagine that the music fraternity would rise up to defend their own. Hell No, they are as quiet as skeletons. Those who have tried have ended up ridiculing themselves. Jose Chameleon decided to change the skin, he asked the President to forgive Bobi Wine. Excuse me Sir, what should Bobi Wine be forgiven for? What crime has he committed? Has he been prosecuted in any court? Then how can a Top Artiste be blind to the fact that the Presidential Prerogative of Mercy is a reserve for the convicted? Parent’s please Educate your children. The Music industry is quick to release songs when people die, they release campaign songs in minutes to gather some cash but they are still so reluctant to gather in a song of Unity in solidarity with their own who stares at grave danger. Musicians must be willing to take charge of events just like South African musicians did when things went wrong.

Hon Gerald, Kasiano Wadri and Bobi Wine in Arua

Clearly we have turned into a ‘Photo shopped’ Nation, who are quick to parade ‘photo shopped’ Evidence, are willing to bring ‘photo shopped’ charges on rather innocent citizens and always quick to air out ‘Photo shopped’ analysis of issues.

One thing remains clear, there is an Enigma called Bobi Wine, he has put into action his message in his rather less famous Situka song. Some Ugandans seem to agree with him but the Emperor will not take this lying down. There is going to be a price to pay. Whether Bobi Wine is willing to pay the price or not remains unclear. The Journey he has chosen is the ultimate test. He seems ready to go the whole mile.

If those in power chose to make him a lesson for the very many who harbour dreams like his, then he is headed for a torrid time. His problems notwithstanding, the Music Industry can create a voice and stand for the truth for once. In his Byekwaso song, he sent the ultimate message thus ‘They want to go to heaven but they don’t want to die’. Freedom lovers must not love comfort more than those who hold them captive.

The timeless political creed comes to light ‘Politics is a Bad game’ the faint hearted should rather stay away as the big when still remains, 

Will he survive treason and become Uganda’s Nelson Mandela he Idolises? 

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