Buchaman on stage

Many were longing to hear from former Fire Base Vice President Butcher Man about his former boss Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine situation.

In his own words, Butcher stressed that what he thinks is that Bobi Wine should stop moving from one constituency to another. 

In fact, that mighty have annoyed the first citizen of Uganda as he had started to be a threat to his political seat of recently.

Bobi Wine should stop moving  from one constituency to another. He should just stay in Kyadondo and get satisfied with that. May be he can also rally people in those different areas to vote his favorite candidate stile in Kyadondo, 

Butcher Man said while in an interview.

It should be remembered that Butcher Man was a very close ally to Bobi back then but Butcher called quits after citing that he was always over worked and paid peanuts.

Hence, he decided to become independent and formed his own music camp that he named Bad Man Camp which ended up being a failed music group.

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