The Uganda music fanbase has for many years been subdivided into small groups with each artiste commanding his own camp for obvious reasons. Tuff B thinks that these camps can be useful if they stick together in the fight for Bobi Wine’s freedom.

The likes of Leone Island Music Empire, Fire Base Army, Gagamel International Phamily, Team Radio and Weasel, Cindycates, Fillescos, and various other music camps were created to rally support for Jose Chameleone Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, Radio and Weasel, Cindy Sanyu, Fille, and other artistes respectively.

A fan from any of the above camps is usually ready to support, defend, fight, and even sacrifice so much for his/her artiste at any cost just to show the love they have for them. The impact these fan groups have on the artiste is very significant especially on social media in promotion of their work.

Anybody would love that however with the growing differences among the artistes, there has been a gradual rise in hate speech and unhealthy rivalry which is sometimes sparked off and promoted by these same music camps. One against the other, all in effort to show solidarity and an upper hand.

Tuff B, real names Robert Sekidde, is one artiste who began his career in Gagamel International Phamily. Together with Bebe Cool, they built such a strong force but he later left the camp to concentrate on his solo music career.

Tuff B

He believes that as much as these camps have successfully promoted Ugandan music to a reasonable level, they have also led to a few lapses in its development.

With the ongoing political situation in the country, Tuff B also believes that these camps have added salt to the wound with their differences whilst standing for their respective artistes and their opinions without thinking about their own personal views.

Tuff B believes that if these camps can join voices and efforts and rally behind the ongoing Free Bobi Wine campaign, they can have a big impact towards the freedom of the Kyadondo East MP.

Read Tuff B’s statement on the issue below;

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