Ziza Bafana and Roden Y Kabako almost engaged in a fist fight today morning at a meeting that was organised in Makindye to discuss ways forward to Bobi Wine’s freedom.

Various artistes met in Makindye today morning to discuss a way forward towards the fight for their comrade, Bobi Wine’s freedom. Their meeting was not concluded as police interrupted and stopped the meeting.

The artistes each had earlier settled to express their opinions one by one, and they were clearly concerned by the fact that Bebe Cool has deliberately ignored to show solidarity with fellow musicians in the fight for a comrade.

Ziza Bafana was however not pleased by the way some artistes are handling the situation. He thinks that the issue of every artiste releasing a song for the cause will not be enough to air out their dissatisfaction. He rather believes that artistes should join together and make one song to the cause because that makes them stronger as a unit.

Midway through Bafana’s interview, as he was trying to call upon the bigger artistes to join hands in the fight as well, Kabako interrupted and ordered the hoarse voiced singer never to mention Bebe Cool’s name in the matters at hand.

This seemed to annoy Ziza Bafana who tried to explain himself more to Kabako who was not ready to listen. Ziza Bafana resorted to pushing and shoving the TNS singer and the two were separated by artistes manager Roger Lubega.

Watch the video below (courtesy of Spark TV);

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