Failed musician and Bobi Wine’s young brother Banjo Man has advised controversial city pastor Aloysius Bujjingo to stop preaching lies.

The ‘Ekikopo Tampeco’ singer made comments following words that were making rounds on social media that suggested pastor Bujjingo backed up government’s action of gruesomely beating up opposition members of parliament, during his Sunday sermon.

Bujjingo preaching

This is what Bobi says about “our leaders becoming miss leaders” pastor Bujjingo you the truth. Stop preaching lies about Bobi simply because you are president Museveni’s friend. People come to you because they have troubles they have troubles created by your friend, 


Banjo Man’s post read in part.

The House of Prayer leader was quoted saying that Bobi Wine and his crew deserved the punishment for allegedly tampering with the President’s convoy. 

Concluding by saying that is what everyone who tempers with the president’s convoy deserves. 

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