Lucas Mkenda popularly known as Mr Nice opened up and talked to our team about why he is in Uganda and more about his personal life.

While talking to our team during the ‘PODIUM’ live show interview on Saturday 18th August 2018, Mr Nice talked to us about his future plans and the exact reason why he is currently staying in Uganda.

Mr Nice talking to the PODIUM team

As a legendary musician, you would expect Mr Nice to have such big ego and pride easy to show the first time you talk to him. Unlike other celebrity figures that we have had a chance to talk to, Mr Nice is very humble, calm, collected, and respectful.

From the way he talks, how he always wants to be the first one to greet the new people he meets, to the way he carries himself around – everything about him shows what a wonderful character he is.

In fact, when we referred to him as a legend he downplayed the title and said that he is not the legend but his fans are. Without his fans, he would never have made it to the big stage in the music industry. He also believes that the legendary status is for the dead and he is still alive to acclaim it.

Talking about death, around 2015, various reports from Tanzanian bloggers indicated how Mr Nice has died. The singer cleared the air saying yes he was poisoned but the death scare was a false alarm from his enemies who used his absenteeism from the limelight to gather some traffic for their social media platforms. He acknowledges that it did have a bad impact on his life, family, and friends but it is all in the past now.

To elaborate on why he is in Uganda, Mr Nice had this to say;

“First of all, here is my home. When am in Uganda it’s the same as am in Dar es Salaam or Nairobi or Kigali or Bujumbura so this is my town. Am also here to meet my people and friends in the music business.”

Mr Nice after an interview with Tuff B

“Am also here to introduce my new songs and for some shows. We (together with my team) are going to arrange some shows and not only in Kampala but across the country.”

Mr Nice

Watch more of the interview below;

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