Jose Chameleone wearing his son Abba Marcus Mayanja's medals

Jose Chameleone’s renown eldest son Abba Marcus Mayanja has started boxing lessons. He has full support and backing from both his parents.

Like father, like son. That seems to be true for every inch of life Abba Marcus Mayanja takes. Jose Chameleone’s continues his quest for greatness as an athlete as he commences boxing lessons.

In a video that was revealed by both his parents on their social media platforms, Abba is seen taking jabs and his footwork is not that bad for the start.

Abba (right), Chameleone, and Alfa

He seems to always have the backing and support of his parents for whatever he chooses to do as Atim Daniella Mayanja, Abba’s mom warned whoever doubted his son with the caption, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

Having taken shots at football, music, and swimming, is Abba Marcus finally realizing his real potential? Or is he just an adventurous and talented young man?

Whatever the case, he surely looks like a star for the future!

Watch the video of Abba boxing below;

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