Fans and followers to struggling singer Big Eye StarBoss have asked his managers and promoter to buy him some other clothing.

This started when the ‘Sula Indicator’ hit star who is currently in London preparing for a show at the O2 Arena on Sunday, took to his social media and bragged about being the first Ugandan musician to perform at the venue.

Being the first Ugandan artiste to perform at the venue was not what pissed off or pleased his followers, No.

But them spotting him in the same jumpers since he touched base in the capital city of United Kingdom, gave him no chance to listen to his explanations as they hurled insults that left him tore into pieces.

Big Eye having a meal with promoter Martin and Balaam on a different day but still in the same jumpers and foundation T.Shirt

One of the followers and perhaps a big fan of his music started off by asking him to change clothes when posting.  In his comment he stressed that since day one in London the guy has been in the same Bryan White Foundation shirt.

Then the other pleaded with his promoter to buy him at least some new other clothes or email Bryan White to send other different colors of the foundation T.shirts.

Again in still in the same jumpers on another day

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