Dr Bitone Said To Have Run Mad After His Pics Eating On Streets Emerge

Singer Dr Bitone Bitone pictures that are making rounds on social media while seated and moving around Kampala streets clad in tone clothing have caused mixed reactions to Ugandan music lovers.

Basing on the pics, some are saying that the singer has run bananas whereas others are saying that the pics are behind the scenes of his new video shoot and song.

Singer  Dr Bitone on William street

But majority have stressed that Dr Bitone has surely run mad as city pastor Kakande prayers have totally failed to work for him.

This comes after a few weeks back when the singer was spotted at the Mulago based church confessing to have turned to born again faith. 

Bitone in a tone shirt holding a mineral water bottle

However, so far yet we can not come to conclusion whether it is a video shoot nor confirm that Dr Bitone has gone mad but when more information develops we will keep you in the know.

And are more photos to justify Dr Bitone’s situation on Kampala streets.

Bitone walking on kampala streets

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