Last weekend singer Chozen Becky held an overwhelming Byabanji concert at Tavan Woods, Kabusu. Yesterday while in Masaka, she again staged up a lit and successful extra concert that attracted huge crowds.

Here Becky pulled out her A-game that many had not yet experienced. The revelers who had filled up the venue to capacity were all heard and seen singing and dancing along each tune she sang as others took to stage to join her while performing.

Revelers who turned up at Chozen Becky’s extra concert in Masaka

To many, the name Chozen Becky may not sound so familiar to you but the up and promising songstress seems to be steadily rising up to the occasion in the showbiz industry.

To confirm this, one needed to attend her maiden concert that attracted some of the bigwigs in the music industry such as David Lutalo, Jose Chameleon, Big Eye among others.

David Lutalo performing at Chozen Becky’s concert

Chozen Becky is the melodious voice behind the song ‘Bankuza’ that officially opened up her gates into the limelight. She also has a number of other songs that include; ‘Omukuto’, ‘Katego’, ‘Byabangi’ which are all love songs among others.

Becky is signed to Nick Management, a record label that famed Uga Flow rapper Victor Kamenyo belongs to.

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