Swangz Avenue boss Julius Kyazze has come out and defended Jamaican-American reggae superstar Tarrus Riley‘s comments he made during a press conference yesterday.

During the presser, Tarrus shocked journalists when he frankly stressed that he does not know any artiste in Uganda expect for the Nile.

Tarrus honestly speaking that he does not know any artiste from Uganda 

His comment about not knowing any Ugandan artiste left many of his music lovers mad at him with a few threatening not to attend the highly billed Swangz Avenue All Star concert that is due this Friday at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

However, Swangz boss Kyazze has somehow silenced those who were on the Rasta’s neck saying its okay for him not to know any artiste here.

To me I think its very fine for him not to know any artiste here. And that should not be a big deal and a surprise to most of you, 

Julius Kyazze

Still in his defense about Tarrus, Kyazze stressed that there are so many other artistes who have never even heard of Uganda as a country.

During the press conference

Kyazze then concluded by rallying fans to flock Cricket Oval in large numbers tomorrow so as to enjoy the Swangz Avenue 10 year celebrations in style.

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The only surviving civilian Afande

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