It seems like pop star Hanson Baliruno has admitted that he needs to work much more harder and invest more in his music business if he is to progress.

The ‘Kandanda’ singer made the revelation through an Instagram post saying he is  fade up of one mistake that he keeps on doing that is investing 100% and in return he gets 29%.

Musician Hanson on one of international events

This one stupid mistake that I keep on doing is putting all my energy, efforts, time and affection to one direction putting in 100% and in return 29% I gain, I think If it’s a business it’s high time to invest more in my music business more.

Baliruno last July bagged four awards at the Scandinavia and African Crown International music awards.

Hanson and his awards

Something which showed how his efforts and hard work was paying off  but according to his post it looks his team put feet off the pedal and will need to engage in gear two.

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