Saturday Youth Voice NBS television host Oliviel Nakalembe is fully back to her feet after being thumped and robbed clean by unknown goons a few days back.

Not only that Nakalembe was battered to pulp but each and every thing  which she had on her was taken only leaving her with a bruised face and trauma.

Nakalembe poses for at NBS studio’s

Since last Thursday night, I was robbed and hurt that night. Everything I had was taken. I took time off to recover both physically and emotionally given the trauma,

Nakalembe dotted down on social media platforms.

Apparently as you read this, the Youth Voice host is back to her feet and felling much better right now as she will be back on set soon to thrill her fans.

Olivel presenting during a show

She also apologized to those whose appointments she turned down due to the unforeseen disasters that occurred. 

We feel sorry for the damages you endured and pray for your quick recovery our fellow comrade.

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