Am Looking For Bebe Cool In Every Small Clinic – A Pass

If anyone out there knows to which clinic was singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool admitted after last night, kindly we beg you direct A Pass.

Why? Probably because the ‘Didadada’ hit singer wants to pay him a visit at the clinic and consul him on what happened yesterday at the Swangz All Star Concert while celebrating 10 years of producing hits.

Bebe Cool carries A Pass on his thighs during Tv Show

During the show, the ‘Love You Everyday’ singer was pelted with flying beer and soft drink bottles that had urine inside them while shouting on top of their voices chasing him away on stage.

And eventually the nigga failed to perform even a single song of his as he was forcefully chased off stage. 

He somehow kind of refused to go off stage as he wanted to reply to and give fans his point view but then the lights were switched off and took away the microphone from him.

Shirtless and shameful Bebe Cool being escorted off stage

Here he was seen being escorted by security forces for safety up to his where he sped off and left the venue.

However, A Pass also advised beverage companies to start serving people at shows in disposable cups because the rate at which bottles were flying towards Bebe Cool was not good.

A Pass posts inquiring about a clinic where Bebe could be admitted