As the saying goes that every dog has its day, yesterday night was shirtless singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool’s day.

The ‘Katono’ singer was again forcefully chased off stage at the Swangz All Star concert, Lugogo.

With just three seconds when the guy took to stage to perform his hit single ‘Love you Everyday’ when the unruly fans started pelting him with bottles full of urine.

Shirtless Bebe Cool escorted by security organs to safety at Swangz concert

Then a few moments later,  polythene bags containing feces started to fly over as they ascended to stage where his song was cut short, removed the mic from him and lights went out.

However, the shirtless Bebe Cool remained standing still on stage looking like a lost dog with the crowd still sending in heavy insults towards him as chased him away.

Bebe Cool jumping on stage like a headless chicken

This was the second time in a row as the singer experienced one of the worst scenes in the music industry as last weekend he was again denied to perform at club ambiance.

Here Bebe Cool was taken off stage by the security forces as they escorted to safety up to his car until he left the event.

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