It was always just a matter of time and now its signed, stamped and sealed that singer Jose Chameleon appointed a new manager on his team.

The new Leon Island head manager is not new to your ears and eyes as we heard earlier on told you about him. 

To hit the nail on the head he goes by the names as Ssalongo Mukiibi Siraje Mark who is claimed to be a failed musician now cum a traditional herbalist.

Ssalongo Siraje chilling at home

However, the other good news is that his former manager commonly known as Mutima is also still on board and the two plus some others will continue to the business as usual.

The official unveiling of Siraje somehow took some time until when he was left with no option but to add him on his team to try make sure that his seemingly sinking musical ship stays afloat.

Mutima and Chameleon chilling

However, rumors inside the Leon island empire have it that most of the old members did not welcome their new boss.

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