Former Gagamel singer Tuff B has advised his friend Bebe Cool to be careful with the people around him because they could be the actual problem leading him to the troubles he is currently facing.

Tuff B is a former Gagamel International singer and he surely seems to know the inside politics and systems of operation within the music band which is headed by a man who has had his fair share of consequences from controversial moments surrounding his brand.

Tuff B

Tuff B believes that Bebe Cool could have easily avoided everything that seems to have turned him into a public enemy if he had the right people around him.

Unfortunately, Bebe Cool just like many other artistes, only has fans around him who only agree to everything he says rather than advising him whenever he is about to make a mistake.

According to Tuff B, Bebe Cool had a strong team back in the days with good and smart people around him including Frank Sekabira, Tickie Tah, among others around him because they never let him fall into any life threatening situations.

It is to that effect that Tuff B thinks Bebe Cool should start looking keenly at those around him to realize the few that benefit him truly and the others that are only there to benefit from him.

What do you think about Tuff B’s statement?

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