Word in the corridors of showbiz reveals that musician Douglas Mayanja,  aka Weasel declined to perform in Luwero citing fears of arrest on Friday.

According to our reliable informer, he noted that when Weasel finished to perform at the Swangz Avenue All Star concert he had to head to Luwero straight away.

Weasel on NBSTv after5 show

Here he stressed that the ‘Mpa Love’ singer had even already received half of the payment they had a greed on.

However, on his second thought he changed his mind and turned down going to Masaka as he recalled the incident when Chagga his former manager was jailed under the same circumstances.

Chagga while on handcuffs in Luwero

At that time Chagga spent almost a week behind bars as he had to wait over 18 million shillings to come from Kampala to clear part the debt that Good Lyfe crew members had chewed.

The debt had amounted to almost 25 million shillings since the crew chewed the money and it’s said that the remaining balance is supposed to be paid by Weasel.

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